Most expensive advertising slot ever

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Slot allocation in the UK is governed by the EU Airport Slot Regulation, which came into force in the early 1990s and still stands today. The most valuable airport slots in the UK — and, in fact, some of the most valuable in the world — are at London’s …

Types of Advertising Time Slots | Bizfluent Advertising on radio is a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Slots are more economical than television, and radio commercials cost less to produce. Choosing the correct station is vital. The station's estimated listeners is only one factor to analyze. Determine which station most likely appeals to your customer base and potential customers. The Single Most Expensive Slot Machine of all Time The Most Expensive Slot Machine in the World. He would come to start using rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. The finished restoration would come to be more than just a simple restoration. With 818 gem stones —317 sapphires, 302 rubies, and 183 diamonds—this collector’s edition of one prices in at a cool $18 million.

In this ad, they also introduced a new tagline called “Good things come to those who wait” which is now very famous. We don’t know that where was the money spent on this ad as it has nothing special in it. It was made with high budget of $20 million which makes it most expensive ad ever made in the world. Most Expensive TV Commercials

The Most Ridiculously Expensive Marketing Campaigns of All Time Aired during the world’s most expensive advertising slot, one of the many breaks in the Super Bowl, the 2002 Pepsi advert cost more than £5m to send Britney Spears travelling through time. At the height of her fame, Spears was perhaps the world’s biggest star, the singer danced, jived, surfed and strutted her way through the decades ... Most Expensive Mistakes in Gaming History - List of Top Ten In this article, we will talk about top 10 most expensive mistakes in gaming history. Games are the constant source of entertainment for the people

Ad-Rank Media looks at the most expensive advertising placements in the world by channel, including TV, radio, press and online.

Do you know how much a 30 second TV ad slot during the Super Bowl cost? A staggering $4.5 million! The UK’s most expensive slot, which is during the X Factor, costs around £200,000. Most Expensive Fake Body Parts Luxury Lifestyle Blog & VIP

The 7 Most Expensive Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

Bruce Willis will star in one of the most expensive ads ever made, for British finance client Aviva (which recently changed its name from Norwich Union). The TV commercial cost $13.4 million, or ... Top 10 Most Expensive Trading Cards Ever Sold - Catawiki

The group comprised Melanie Brown ("Scary Spice"), Melanie Chisholm ("Sporty Spice"), Emma Bunton ("Baby Spice"), Geri Halliwell ("Ginger Spice"), and Victoria Beckham ("Posh Spice"). They were signed to Virgin Records and released their …

This show is one of the most expensive TV show. In terms of viewership this show draws 19.1 million viewers in its last season. The average cost of advertising is $348,300 for a 30- second spot. In terms of viewership this show draws 19.1 million viewers in its last season.